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Dalkeith Transport Highlights
  • Aggregate the contents of other sites to one location
  • Re-Publish any copyright-free website
  • Extract contents from other websites to insert on your website in real-time
  • Transport data from other databases into your website
Total Utility... Period.

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What is Aggregation

Data aggregation is the bringing together of information that has been published in different formats and/or on different websites and/or in databases around the internet. Dalkeith Transport is designed to visit and collect the desired data and then to re-publish the data in a format that is useful for your own website.
What is Re-Publishing

Re-Publishing is the term we give to transporting excerpts of website content for integration in your website all in real-time. Of course, such excerpts must be permissable and free of copyright concerns. Examples include the embedding of events information that may be published by a public body so that the events appear on your website in a format of your choosing... all in real-time with no delays.
We don't want to revolutionize the internet....
We just want to make your website hum with activity.