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Dalkeith Transport Highlights
  • Aggregate the contents of other sites to one location
  • Re-Publish any copyright-free website
  • Extract contents from other websites to insert on your website in real-time
  • Transport data from other databases into your website
Total Utility... Period.

Welcome To Our Newest Web Innovation...

Dalkeith Transport is a hosted utility designed to move data for the purpose of RSS aggregation, real-time embedding, re-publishing and more.

Let the multi-purpose Dalkeith Transport carry important data from one web location to your site accurately and invisibly. This utility has been designed as an http "fetch" module that is embedded on websites for the purpose of channeling data, text, images from other remote servers for the purpose of re-publishing in real-time.

Why do you need this?
  1. Enliven your website with fresh content delivered in real-time and embedded on the fly.
  2. Post events information, news, quotes and more directly to your website all in real-time.
  3. Re-publish any permitted website material and swap in your branding, logos and more (this gives new meaning to white-labelling on the web).
  4. Are you "iframing" data from other sites into your website? That is such a limiting proposition. Try the Dalkeith Transport to actually move the data from a remote site and have that data directly embedded in your own site.

Dalkeith Transport is a powerful utility with a multitude of purposes. Contact one of our representatives now to pass your idea by us. If you want to give new life to your website and have an idea, we can likely provide an easy, fast solution.

Each implementation of Dalkeith Transport is fully customized to suit your needs. We'll show you how to mirror a site of interest* and adapt it to your own needs and purposes on the fly.

5 Compelling Reasons To Use Dalkeith Transport:
  1. Effective mirroring of data
  2. Customize the re-publishing of data
  3. Aggregate information from multiple sources into one clean presentation
  4. No software to install - our technicians will perform the entire implementation on our hosted servers **
  5. Seamless flow for your website
*Mirroring is only available where copyright permits data transport
**Dalkeith Transport must be installed on our hosted servers. This utility is non-transferrable to other host servers.

Live Example:

The following news excerpts are an example of how Dalkeith Transport can be configured to pull real-time RSS feeds for use on your intranet or personal website. Below is a fully updated, real-time, on-the-fly data transport from the CNN servers and embedded directly in the HTML code of this page.

Embedding of data by the Dalkeith Transport

Take advantage of this exciting new
web service innovation today.

What is Aggregation

Data aggregation is the bringing together of information that has been published in different formats and/or on different websites and/or in databases around the internet. Dalkeith Transport is designed to visit and collect the desired data and then to re-publish the data in a format that is useful for your own website.
What is Re-Publishing

Re-Publishing is the term we give to transporting excerpts of website content for integration in your website all in real-time. Examples include the embedding of events information that may be published by a public body so that the events appear on your website in a format of your choosing... all in real-time with no delays.
What is RSS

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a new standard supplied in XML format that allows data to be made available for re-publication on other websites. Typically, RSS publishing requires an "RSS Aggregator or a separate Windows program to view the RSS feeds. With the Dalkeith Transport utility, we have simplified the transfer and readability of desired data.
We don't want to revolutionize the internet....
We just want to make your website hum with activity.